Key Partners, Communication, Success, and Last Minute Jitters

Who are your key partners? Discuss the key resources your partners are providing.

Our key partners in this process have been the FOUND:RE hotel, all of our collaborating artists, our sponsors, and all of our generous friends and family. The FOUND:RE was such a great choice for this project, it alone serves as a space for business, art, and hospitality, what else more could we ask for! They have provided us with such flexibility and they have been extremely generous with donating space to create the best event we could. We wouldn’t be having our event if it were for our incredible artists. They have any amazing resource for promotion. Our sponsors have been so enthusiastic about this event and were willing to dive into this project without experiencing any other work of ours before; which can be a bold move. Last but not least, we couldn’t have done this without the support from our friends and family. They have also been an amazing resource for promoting, as well as financially when we needed it the most.

Working with an established venue has meant a lot of pivoting during the planning process. Choose one moment that made you pivot as a team and discuss how you worked together.

Working with the venue has been a great learning experience. What we struggle with the most was the miscommunication with emails. The most progress we made was when we met physically. Regardless of which means of communication, it is a must to be clear and honest about your objectives. This was another thing our team struggle with, being clear with our objectives. Sometimes this wasn’t always easy due to the lack of funding, but we always fund a way to overcome. I can’t preach enough, talk with people face to face and be clear and genuine!


How will you measure if this is a successful event?

I know the event will be successful if by the end of it I will be sad it’s over.


You’re getting close to your launch date. What questions are on your mind? What are you confident about?

So many last minute jitters! Will all of the artist be prepared? Will our guests receive the event well or will there be confusion? What happens if something doesn’t work with the artist’s equipment? Will we make a big profit? Whatever will I wear!



At first, our customers for No Vacancy were for the artist and the art lovers. When the idea came to me to have local artists and entrepreneurs sponsor our event our customer segment changed. Not only were we targeting artists and art lovers, but now we were targeting entrepreneurs. Specifically, my vision was to target the entrepreneurs who show an interest in collaborating within the arts and cultivating that relationship.

Get out and be genuine


As I mentioned in my previous posts, the most success I’ve had with developing No Vacancy was from taking people out to coffee and chatting with them about our idea. There interest and insight were what drove this project forward. Many times by simply engaging with one person about the event would create opportunities to many other connects. In the times of social media, it is easy to sit behind our computers and try to make things happen, but the most effective way is to get out of the building and have genuine conversations with people.

Intersecting Value Propositions

“We value the growth of entrepreneurial thinking within the arts. When artists nd designers have the opportunity to connect with strong networks and entrepreneurial resources, they can create and innovate at their full potential.”

The above value proposition has been me guiding force throughout this event as well in the lifestyle I live. This value proposition has intersected into this event through the networking opportunities the artist and entrepreneurs have. We also spoke as a team about valuing accessibility and opportunity for artists to present their work. I believe No Vacancy is the perfect pair of opportunity for artists to present their work along with networking as entrepreneurs with entrepreneurs.

“No Vacancy will be a one-night-only unique opportunity to experience art with the artist present in the unique aesthetic of a boutique hotel. HADES values entrepreneurial thinking within the arts and will enable artists and entrepreneurs to connect, create and innovate.”


Who do you know? Take them out for coffee!

When it comes down to cultivating true success, it is all about who you surround yourself with. Who are you taking to coffee? Who are you emailing at 3 am because it can’t wait till tomorrow? Who is it that you are investing your time into because those are the people who will be investing their time into you. The greatest way to achieve anything is being genuine with the people who share similar values as you. The old saying, it’s not what you know, but rather who you know. This is very true in a sense, but if you aren’t investing genuine time with the people you know, there will never be a genuine collaboration or partnerships, it will just be a vicious cycle of giving and taking. From my experience, the best ways to make things happen and generate partners are through in-person interaction, genuine conversation, and a cup of coffee.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

I believe that the entrepreneurial mindset is a space where new age thinkers can connect, create and innovate! This space isn’t for business people anymore, it is for the bold ones who take risks with their ideas, and aren’t afraid to collaborate outside of their comfort zone. When artist enter this space color, texture and dimension are add to the ideation process. When artists live in this space of the entrepreneurial mindset, the world has beautiful potential. This is something I value, this is something I will continue to push and explore after academia.

Thank you

The subconscious vision

If we all could instantaneously map out our mind’s vision onto a page we would be able to see where our visions intersect. The beginning process of launching an art event has been a series of unraveling the visions of the key stakeholders and our target markets. This vision is subconsciously created when someone hears the initial pitch, specifically the pitch of having an interdisciplinary art event based in an eclectic venue such as a hotel. The visions of the developers and coordinators are just as important as the visions that are shared from our market research. With enough time and in person interaction these subconscious visions begin to surface and streamline into a pool of logistical documents. Our team is currently in the stage of compiling these collective visions into a Word and Excell documents and using the content to develop partnerships with key stakeholders of our final production.

It’s important to recognize that everyone has their own subconscious vision. You don’t have to incorporate everyone’s, but by being aware of the subconscious vision will allow you to connect to a wider audience and network.