Flash Sale

Leading up to the event we realized that it would be good idea to have a flash sale. We opened the tickets to all audience members at six dollars per ticket. We felt this flash sale would be a great chance to get people excited about the event. As well, this minimized barriers to coming to No Vacancy by decreasing the price. After the flash sale was over, I was surprised that not all of the tickets we allocated were sold. There were about 15 tickets left. If I were to have a flash sale again I would be sure to announce it more so that more people could participate and get the discounted rate.


One week away!

This past week I can definitely see everything coming together for No Vacancy. It has been really exciting to walk around and hear people talking about the event. I was surprised how our social media has been so successful. It may have to do with our constant posting on the event page, which keeps people updated on the event and both intrigued and excited for what is to come at the event. Now that we are so close to the event there are many things we need to address. For example, we need to speak about how people will buy tickets at the door and who will bring what supplies on the day of. I am excited for class so that we can knock out our to do list and be well prepared for No Vacancy.

Progress and Success!

Another success! Today Nichole and I met at the venue to discuss logistics of the spaces the artists will occupy. We had to make sure that each artists’ plans are accepted and allowed by the Found:Re. They support what each artist has to offer but are concerned with logistics. We are really excited that everything is coming together smoothly. With the support of the Found:Re it has made this process much easier.

My focus will now be shifting to really start promoting on social media. We have been pushing it online but not as much as I know we can. I want to also get a press release out soon. Friday’s class will consist of getting all of our VIP invites out and promoting the event. I plan to also calculate what our intended ticket sale goal will be.


I think the question of “how will you measure if this is a successful event?” is very important. I would love to discuss this as a class at our next meeting. For me, I think about whom this event is for. Are audience members enjoying themselves? Did the artists feel like this was a good way to network and meet entrepreneurs? Would the Found:Re consider this a successful event that they would want back at their venue? Could we get paid for hosting such an event in the future? I would love to create an exit survey to send to our guests and artists. I think it is so important to gain this information and ensure we can improve for next time.

As well, I would consider the event successful if we break even or make a profit. If there are 100 paying guests in attendance this would also make our event successful to me.

All about that money!

Funding was a huge task for our event. Although we knew we could apply through the school and most likely get funded, there were many hurdles. We were denied after all our hard work from a simple mistake. It was really stressful and defeating. However, we were able to apply for funds through another source. The great thing about that is that they were really friendly and got back to us today, with a turnaround time of 5 days. And even better news, they agreed to fund us for the entire amount we asked for! There is a slight worry that I have, to ensure they understand we increased our request from what we originally asked. My concern is that no questions were asked of where this extra money would go. However, I trust that either way we will make it work. I am very proud of the hard work that was put in. I am getting excited for our event!


Yay! I finally feel really excited about planning this event. As we are all handling other class, clubs and extracurricular activities, it has been a little stressful during the process of planning a successful event. After our meeting, I felt a giant weight had lifted. We are able to have our event with the vision that we intended. As well, the venue is excited and so willing to help us, which speaks volumes. When you are vocal with your vision and dreams, there will always be people willing to help and support you. I can’t wait to continue this process, and I am glad I am working with a great team that supports one another. I wanted to share this quote by Randy Pausch who has been a huge inspiration in my life. I think that we have faced a few walls during this process, but we are always findings ways around.


“The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out; the brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. The brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They are there to stop the other people!”- Randy Pausch


The Hill

When your ideas are confronted with obstacles, do you push through to make your intended vision a reality or do you alter your vision?

Our event has been moving along quickly, but not without a few road bumps…and a giant hill. While we were clear on our intentions of the event, we did not address our plans in clear detail and directness to our contacts at the venue. This therefore leaves us with two options. Altering our event or explaining why we decided to have the event with such visions, and convince them why it should be allowed. I am confident that our team will be able to cross this hill and continue on our journey of producing a successful event. We must come together and directly address our concerns with the venue, so that we can get clear answers. Once this is addressed and we get a contract with the venue, I will be much more confident on the success of this event.