Remaining Questions

I think as the date draws close I tend to think about the boxes that need to be checked off, I do not take enough time to appreciate what we have accomplished in this short amount of time. The questions I have in my head are how will people receive this event? Will people be creating meaning out of it? Will they enjoy themselves? The date is almost upon us and I am ready to see how the outside public will respond to our hard work and effort we have exuded through this process. In the end I am really glad we ended up where we are now and I am excited to see the product of our work.


What is success?

I think that already having come this far in the process is a success in itself, but in terms of success of the night I think it is less about the revenue we create. I as an artist base success on how we are able to transform the space and the people we reach through our event. I think the duality of arts and entrepreneurship is interesting because on one hand fiscal success is somewhat important, but it is also equally if not more that the art says something or makes the people who come feel something when they leave. I mean I hope a lot of people attend, not because of money reasons, but so that there are people who get to experience what we have created together.

Pivoting/ Creative Problem Solving

I think the original we envisioned for this project has changed throughout the creation of it and I think that’s okay, as arts entrepreneurship pivoting and adjusting to parameters is apart of the process. I think the biggest thing was downsizing our original idea. Our original idea was very ambitious trying to reserve a whole floor and finding a venue that could accommodate our needs. I think the whole group was great at understanding the issues we were facing and creating creative solutions to those road blocks. There were also issues with ideas about VIP’s and catering that were faced. In the group we were able to openly express our concerns and honor one another’s inputs which helped us whenever we needed to find creative solutions to the problems at hand, and I believe that is the makings of a efficient and successful team.

Key Partners

For our event we have a multitude of key partners in the mix helping us cultivate this event. The first would be the venue, the Found:re, which provides the location of our event. We have our financial backers who have helped us secure funds to pay the artists, venue, and event expenses. These are from USG at ASU and sponsorships from Galvanize, Blackhawk, & Nuebox. There are also the artist that will be performing within our event. All together these partners aide in the creation of our event, hopefully creating a successful and memorable night to those who attend.

Customer Segments

For No Vacancy we were looking to create value to two separate groups of individuals. In the first we wanted to give artists an unconventional space to create work and allow them to network themselves by getting them out into the community. It is important to create an environment where artists have the opportunity to showcase their talents and expose them to broader communities by encompassing multiple art forms within one event. In the model of interdisciplinary art making it helps cultivate a stronger sense of community in the arts across disciplines. The other was to create cultural capital within the ASU & and Phoenix valley communities bring people to come experience multiple forms of art. We knew we wanted to create an environment where the community had the opportunity experience the breadth of work the valley has to offer them with a venue that would create an eclectic and exciting ambience.

External Opinions and the Creative Process

I think that in getting out and conducting research in the public is a smart way to understand individual’s opinions and to gain feedback in the process of creating an event. This is something that helps you cultivate an understanding of peoples’ perceptions that are not necessarily in your personal network. The most challenging part to this was actually building the courage to talk to these stingers in the community. In this situation you can’t always predict how individuals may react to your ideas. This puts me in a slightly vulnerable position as an artist, but it also is important in seeing how you can shift gears or change your process to remain flexible and open to outside opinion.

Inventory of Means

When thinking back to out inventory of means I feel that each member had a unique skill set and networks that has brought so much diversity to this project. The people we each know and the communities we exist in have been a big component in the creation of No Vacancy. Because our networks are so diverse we have been able to provide tangible assets, a multitude of creative artists, and a broader ideology that encompasses so many areas. I think that in being an entrepreneur it is important to assess everyone’s means and utilize each persons abilities and strengths to empower the whole. Each of us had something that we could bring to the table that was unique to our own experiences and that is what helped make this event come into fruition.