3/31: Customer Segments

We ran into a problem this week and had to go back to our drawing board again when we looked at what our VIP customers were going to cost us. Because USG has kept us in limbo with knowing exactly what we’ll be able to afford for the event, we started to think that maybe the VIP portion at the beginning might not even be necessary. Initially, our intentions were to serve the artists. The VIP portion of the event was supposed to be a time where significant individuals within our local artistic community would be able to engage with our artists on a smaller scale, or without so many guests there.

We ultimately decided that our main goal was to service the artists and depending on funding and donors, the VIP portion of the event might not be necessary to stress over. I think it was very valuable for us to be able to stop and rethink back to our original conversations about who we wanted to serve with No Vacancy.


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