Before delving into launching our idea for the event, I didn’t expect the evolution of our idea to be in a constant state of shift. Even this week, just over 4 weeks away from our launch date, we have once again returned to the drawing board to revisit  one of the major aspects of our original idea- a time for our artists to network with and meet notable people within the community, which we had translated into a VIP hour at the beginning of our event. The fact that our idea is constantly shifting with our means and challenges that we had not anticipated, makes me think back to our discussion of the word “effectual.”

In reflecting on  the progress we’ve made so far and the changes we’ve made to our idea throughout the development of this project, the process of effectual change is something I’ve noticed is a significant part of arts entrepreneurship. It’s easy to learn about arts entrepreneurship from an  objective standpoint but actually trying to execute an idea is crucial to actually being able to internalize what it means to be an entrepreneur.


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