Planning and Action

This year, I have surrounded much of my time planning for the fourth annual Come As You Are Ball for Arizona State University’s Urban Arts Club. This endeavor has taken much of my time, as I eagerly plan and draft new ideas to make the ball more elaborate than previous years. As I am enrolled in Arts Entrepreneurship at the same time as planning for the Come As You Are Ball, I am taking the lessons I learn from the ball to this class. For example, it is easy for me to brainstorm and draft a million ideas and want to implement them all. Although they are great ideas, with limited time, they cannot all become a reality. With our venture underway, and 6 brilliant and creative minds in the same room, we all have great visions but we must stay focused and only implement what we can handle with our limited amount of time.

For our meeting on Friday 17th, we wrote a list of possible artists for our event. It became apparent within the first couple of minutes that we all have around forty artists to invite. We quickly agreed that we would write all of our ideas down, email the artists to see who was interested, and then have an “audition” type of process where we would limit the amount of artists and confirm who was going to be given space at our event.

I am glad we are moving along with the process of our venture, and making things come to life instead of only writing them on the board. I think doing the outside work like drafting artists and getting a venue, at the same time we are working on the business canvas model truly informs both aspects. Both are important and are being enhanced when we are working on them simultaneously. I think this is also an option as we did start with the business canvas model first.


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