The subconscious vision

If we all could instantaneously map out our mind’s vision onto a page we would be able to see where our visions intersect. The beginning process of launching an art event has been a series of unraveling the visions of the key stakeholders and our target markets. This vision is subconsciously created when someone hears the initial pitch, specifically the pitch of having an interdisciplinary art event based in an eclectic venue such as a hotel. The visions of the developers and coordinators are just as important as the visions that are shared from our market research. With enough time and in person interaction these subconscious visions begin to surface and streamline into a pool of logistical documents. Our team is currently in the stage of compiling these collective visions into a Word and Excell documents and using the content to develop partnerships with key stakeholders of our final production.

It’s important to recognize that everyone has their own subconscious vision. You don’t have to incorporate everyone’s, but by being aware of the subconscious vision will allow you to connect to a wider audience and network.


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