Blog: Feb. 6-10

This week in class we had the task of narrowing down our choices that we created during the ideas phase of the project. Here we took a look at what was plausible for us as a group as well as tackling if we actually wanted to pursue certain ventures. We also discussed the business canvas canvas and how that could aide in our elimination and exploration on some of our initial ideas. It was interesting to hear what each individual in the group wanted to get out of this venture. We are all very different artist and have our own agendas when it comes to arts entrepreneurship. We discussed things like financial means, gains, longevity, and social capital. We found that we had to figure out a way to meet in the middle to make a project that would be able to attend to all our needs and desires. Working in this team dynamic has definitely shown me a great deal about open communication and working with peoples means to work towards a united goal. In the end we narrowed the ventures down to an art hotel, herberger merchandise, and a jazz arts festival. Now we begin to ask questions and taking our scope to the general public to decide which of these ventures is worth pursuing.


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