The Idea Process (1/30-2/4)

The week between Monday, January 30th and Friday, February 3rd was the week where our class came up with the idea that we wanted to use for our final project. I thought our class was exceptional at being open minded towards other people’s ideas. As we threw all of our ideas up on the board, I saw a lot of events, some products, some services, but all art and all entrepreneurial. The diversity of the ideas– from hosting an arts retreat out of town to putting ASU students’ artwork on coffee sleeves to having a dance competition– really showed that our strengths as a six person team are immense, far-reaching, and adaptable to the market. Friday we started to group similar ideas together and eliminate ideas that, while not necessarily bad, would probably not work for lack of experience and resources. I liked that we didn’t start objecting and narrowing right away; that everyone had a chance to speak their mind on which ideas they liked best. All in all, I felt extremely supported during this process and whatever conclusion we come to for a final project shouldn’t make any person on the team feel left out or bitter because of the supportive way we went about the process.


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