The Ideation Process and Playing Pretend

The ideation process brings me back to when I was a child and playing pretend with my sister. We put ourselves in this land of pretend, no idea was too big. Last week our team was given a task very similar to the pretend land we used to build as children, we had to come up with 46 ideas for an arts-based venture, where no idea was too big. This task wasn’t as easy to accomplish as adults than it once was when we were children. As adults, we are weighed down by the challenges and the “what if’s,” that spit firing ideas doesn’t come as natural as it used to. It took us a while to get comfortable with spit firing ideas, but once we did we gathered our collective interests, talents, and means, we made it to 46.

We had our 46 colorful sticky notes on the corkboard for us to examine, now it came time to start narrowing our options down. Now we are leaving the land of pretend and entering into the reality of executing on an idea. We approached the narrowing down the process by using the four questions below.
-Is it doable?
-Is it worth doing?
-Can I do it?
-Do I want to do it?

Is it doable in regards to the market and technology? Is it worth doing financially, or will you eventually make a profit? Can I do it, or what will it take to do it, how much time, and who else needs to be involved? Do I want to do it, or do I want to invest this much time into something, do I want to be involved with these specific people? There are many factors involved when narrowing down an idea that you plan to develop and execute. When in the early stages of ideation you almost have to have a piece of you that stays childish and plays pretend. If you allow yourself to have little to no limits, your opportunities will expand.



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