Business Cards

In class this week the topic of business cards was mentioned as an idea for a venture. Immediately I thought about receiving business cards and then loosing them shortly after. Although I have saved a few, the majority end up missing. However, the majority of the class spoke of the importance of business cards. I truly believe there is a more effective way of getting your information out. How can this product be enhanced to be more effective, useful, and attractive?

This idea of reinventing the business card came up again last night. I just so happened to have a Lyft driver whose daughter was a singer. He gave me a number to text and I immediately got a text message back with links of her singing. What an innovative idea? If I had received her business card the likelihood that I would have looked her up would have been very slim. With this creative way of marketing, it not only showed me her talent immediately, but it also left an impression from the unique experience.


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