Just do it

I think the greatest lesson I learned this week was that I am more ready than I ever will be. I need to let go of thinking I will complete certain ideas in the future, and do it now. My dad use to tell me stories of people who had told him to travel the world now, and to not to wait until after you retire. They made that mistake, and now their health and other burdens have stopped them from traveling. It was so easy for me to realize that I needed to live my life in the present moment, to travel, and explore. And yet, I never applied this lesson to my academics and dreams.

After our reading this week, Effectual Entrepreneurship by Sarasvathy et al., I realized that I need to start making my artistic dreams a reality. I always thought about completing my art goals somewhere down the line, but why not start now? I am capable, dedicated, and have so many resources to assist me on the way. I am ready. There is no time to waste.


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