Be kind

What makes you stand out? What are you known for? I think we all possess something that makes others drawn to us; whether that is our smile, positive attitude, or perseverance to get things done.

In class we spoke about how social media has aided marketing. The first thing I thought about was how social media has provided a way for me to easily access some of my favorite artists and those who have truly inspired me. Social media has been a space for me to express my appreciation for other’s creativity and their dedication to support their community. Having an open source of communication with artists that I respect makes me support them that much more. I opened my eyes to realize that they are a human just like you and I.

Through our discussion of raising money for our arts venture this idea came up again. There are many ways of getting funding, but one of the greatest ways is through your personal networks. Be kind always, and share your passion; you never know who will feel inspired to fund your ideas.


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