Brandon’s Bio

Hi my name is Brandon Trieu and I am currently a forth year dance student in the Herberger Institute’s School of Film, Dance, and Theatre. I am am also concurrently pursuing my certificate in arts entrepreneurship. As an artist I am really interested in looking at dance through a multidisciplinary lens combining personal research of sociology, philosophy, entrepreneurship, education, and other art making practices to inform my work. I think that in order to be a successful artist in the 21st century one needs to expand their horizons and acquire as much knowledge as possible in multiple schools of thought. That is why I personally am drawn to entrepreneurship, because I think that there is a great deal of vital information to be had in learning how to be self-sufficient as an artist. My ultimate goal is to pursue my graduate degree in Cultural leadership and Artistic Enterprise, followed by an MFA in Dance Choreography, then finally my PhD in Performance studies with an emphasis in queer performance. I want to end up artistic directing my own dance company, hopefully running an annual dance festival along side it, as well as pursuing a career in higher education. ferbthnbfhjngh


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