Biography (Kierstyn Greenberg)

Music has been an extension of who I am since I can remember. As early as two years old, I knew all the instruments in the orchestra, messed around on the piano, and could sing solfege backwards. Plastic trumpets and drum sets were my frequent birthday presents growing up. I began to take serious piano lessons at age ten, after being primarily self-taught, and I still take jazz piano lessons today which means I have been seriously studying the piano for eleven years. Not wanting to limit myself to one instrument, I constantly work hard at making my other three instruments (guitar, bass, and drums) equal to my ability on the piano.

I’m a senior in the music composition program at ASU, and although my credentials mainly revolve around winning classical composition competitions and composing for plays and musicals, that is not the direction I feel passionate about or want to continue to pursue after my undergrad. In a music career, you have to wear many different hats. Often, to have a successful one, you have to do a little bit of performing, composing, teaching, songwriting, merch selling, ect. I am hoping to create passive income through developing guides online. These small, ten page guides will teach a busy adult everything they need to be an amateur at the guitar, piano, drums, ect. The residual passive income that this will create for me, I will use to pursue my dream as a Christian artist. I want a group of only two people (three at the most) that writes music and lyrics of depth, of challenge, of beauty. This is DESPERATELY needed in the Christian music industry which is slowly dying, and my two greatest passions in life- my faith and my music- hopefully can come together to make a satisfying career for me.


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